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Across jurisdictions. Across companies. All in one space.

Our online services provide an additional interface between your organisation and our team to work collaboratively, productively and securely online.
We believe our approach to an efficient and productive client experience should be the same online as it is in person. That's why we provide clients with seamless online services that combine advanced document management and file sharing technology with social collaboration and knowledge management sharing tools.

TLT Online services

Legal advice is tailored to a particular set of circumstances. Our extranets offer this same flexibility with a range of modules delivering know-how, deal rooms and online collaboration tools to support our work with our clients.

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TLT Plot Sales solution

The frustrations around the delays and lack of information in the sales process are an unwelcome distraction that you should not have to endure. Our Plot Sales solution is available to clients for conveyancing services and for those working in residential property. It combines an extranet and online legal pack with a real time case tracking facility, so that you can track the progress of developments of each sale and view key milestones such as exchange and completion as they happen.

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TLT Pensions extranet

Our pensions extranets enable trustees to meet the Trustee Knowledge and Understanding requirements placed upon them by the Government's Pensions Regulator by providing them with instant online access to their own current scheme documentation and other information regarding key pensions issues.

Each extranet contain interactive trust deed and rules, which are updated by TLT whenever the content is amended. Our extranets provide cost and time saving benefits for clients by allowing trustees to access their pension scheme's legal documentation from one central site.

TLT Mortgage Lender Case Tracking 

The fast paced environment of litigation potentially means that updates on cases could be out of date as soon as you have received your letter. Using the Case Tracking solution means that our clients can see where your matters are at the click of a button at any time. This solution provides clients with key information and access to document history, enabling them to track the progress of each case and instruct our team, safe in the knowledge that they have the most recent activity available 24/7.

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